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We are a neighborhood council organized and run completely by volunteer residents, so your involvement is critical!

During this Covid-19 crisis, our meetings are usually held the 3rd Wednesday of each month via Zoom.
If you’re interested in attending, please let us know so we can send you the link to register.

Thank you for being here!


March 12, 2021
Salt Lake City Public Lands

Trail Updates in the Foothills Natural Area

  • 19th Ave Downhill Biking Trail Nearly Complete
  • A More Sustainable Trail Route North of Terrace Hills
  • New Trail to Twin Peaks

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This Fall, on the weekend of September 18-19, we will be hosting the 6th Annual Marmalade Jam Fest! 

The center of activity will be at the corner of 4th West and 4th North – The Garten at Mountain West Cider. We’ll run from 11am-7pm both days, with these included activities:

  • Fruit Preserves Competition
  • Local Food Trucks
  • Live Music from Local Bands and Musicians, throughout the day
  • Booth Spaces
  • Music/Band Headliner in The Garten, following the event

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