Azure Place: Public Hearing POSTPONED

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Description of project

Azure Place Planned Development and Preliminary Subdivision at approximately 637 North 300 West, 641 North 300 West and 642 N Pugsley Street -Paul Garbett of Garbett Homes, the property owner, is requesting approval for a new residential development at 637 N 300 West, 641 N 300 West and 642 N Pugsley Street. The request is to consolidate the three parcels and subdivide the property to create 29 residential three-story townhomes. The proposed project is subject to the following applications:

a. Planned Development – The Planned Development approval is needed to address the lack of street frontage and any modifications to the MU (Mixed Use) zoning regulations. Case number PLNSUB2020-00074

b. Preliminary Subdivision – A preliminary plat is necessary to consolidate the existing three parcels and create individual new lots. Case number PLNSUB2020-00073

The site is located within Council District 3, represented by Chris Wharton. (Staff Contact: Katia Pace at (801) 535 6354 or

*Currently, this issue is slated to be addressed #7 on the list of hearings, but this could change.


The Capitol Hill Community Council Board has the following comments: 

1. The ownership of Pugsley St. is currently unclear. Councilmember Chris Wharton has informed one of our members that the city does not own this street and that the right-of-way was given to the owners of the properties that front it. However, the county assessor’s parcel map shows only three of the parcels along the street extending into the former right-of-way. The other property owners’ titles confer easements through the former right-of-way, from whom is unclear. As the applicant intends to use Pugsley St. as access to the project, and the Fire Department would need it for access to the project as well, this issue must be resolved before these applications can be approved. 

2. However the ownership of Pugsley St. is resolved, the street must be improved as a condition of the approval of these applications. The street is subject to frequent flooding due to its lack of a storm sewer. The pavement is in very poor condition. It has no sidewalks. In its present state it is unsafe for both drivers and pedestrians. Increasing the amount of traffic on it, as the proposed development would do, would exacerbate an already dangerous situation. 

3. The Pugsley St. right-of-way is (or was) only 37 feet wide. Residents have no off-street parking and must park in the street. As mentioned above, it lacks sidewalks so pedestrians must walk in the street. The street already carries too much through-traffic. Approval of this project must be contingent on the adoption of a traffic management plan by the city and the applicant, in consultation with residents, to accommodate all uses of the street, including the additional traffic generated by the project. 

4. The proposed development provides insufficient guest and overflow parking. Many of the units have only a single garage space although many households in the target market own two or more vehicles. Parking space on the surrounding streets is already fully utilized. We request that the developer provide a minimum of 10 on-site parking spaces in addition to the garage spaces within the units. 

5. The proposed development has too little green open space. Ample, well-planted open space benefits both residents and the surrounding community by reducing the urban heat island effect, decreasing storm water runoff, providing trees that create shade and absorb CO2, and giving the welcome relief of a bit of nature in an urban neighborhood. We request that the developer increase the amount of green open space in the project and plant as many large trees as possible. 

6. We request that the developer commits to keeping exterior lighting to a minimum and follow guidelines provided by the International Dark-Sky Association for all lighting in the project. 

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