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November 2003

Your Input Is Needed as the Neighborhood Plans its Green Space System
by Christie Oostema, Center for Green Space Design

The Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City has hired the Center for Green Space Design to coordinate a green space planning effort for your community. But we know that the best plans come from you, the local residents, and that implementation of the plan depends upon your excitement and involvement in realizing the plan that is developed.

The green space project makes West Capitol Hill one of the first neighborhoods in the state to incorporate valuable cultural, ecological, agricultural, and recreational open spaces into a single connected system, and it is hoped that the community will provide a model for others to follow. The primary focus of the project will be from 200 West to 400 West and 300 North to 800 North. The community will also consider connections to regional resources such as the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, the Jordan River, Warm Springs Park, and downtown amenities.

Have you thought about the potential of a green space system in your neighborhood? If so, what are you imagining? Do you want to grow vegetables with your neighbors in a community garden? Do you want a pedestrian promenade along 300 West linking down-town amenities like Gateway to your neighborhood? Do you envision Warm Springs revived, complete with soaking pools and a community center? Do you want safe pedes-trian access to the planned neighborhood commercial core or your children’s schools via a pedestrian path? Do you need more green space for your kids to run around in?

We’re hearing from a few of you. One woman wants to be able to walk to Pugsley Park or a neighborhood gathering space with her son. Another resident told us about his frustration when he needs to pick up items for dinner. In the absence of a local market, he walks to 7-Eleven, and, while crossing 300 West, he feels fortunate that he has the ability to run. He envisions 300 West becoming a neighborhood center with slower traffic and more space for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Let us know what you are thinking. In the coming months you will have a chance to voice your ideas at community events, and we will be attending your community council meetings. We will be moving our office to the Capitol Hill neighborhood to make ourselves more accessible and to get to know you well. For now you can reach us by phone (483-2100) or e-mail, and we hope that soon you can swing by our office in the neighborhood.

Christie Oostema, christie@greenspacedesign.org
Tim Brown, tim@greenspacedesign.org

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