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Capitol Hill Neighborhood Council

Info Contacts    
SLC Police Det. Brian Wahlin 801.799.3314 brian.wahlin at slcgov dot com
Abandoned Shopping Carts   801.446.7984
Graffiti Busters   801.972.7885
Neighborhood Council Members
Role Name Contact
Chair Polly Hart 801.355.7203 polly at sisna dot net
Vice-Chair Katherine Gardner 801.328.1724
Vice-Chair Robert King 801.359.9992
Secretary/Treasurer Rosann Greenway 801.518.5471
Historian Shirley McLaughlan 801.328.4182 
Capitol Carol Wood 801.355.6475 
DeSoto/Cortez Lorille Miller 801.363.8191
Ensign Downs Gordon Russell 801.364.7335
Kimball Victoria Collard 801.595.8575 
St. Marks Nephi Kemmethmueller 801.359.3936
Swedetown William Salas 801.539.0938
Temple Erlinda Davis 801.531.1964 
Warm Springs Minta Brandon 801.355.1363 
Washington election pending
West High Bonnie Archer 801.328.1325
Mobile Watch    
Mobile Watch Roger King 801.359.9992
Mobile Watch Georg Stutzenberger 801-510-1603
The CHNC Bulletin    
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Capitol Hill Neighborhood Council
P.O. Box 522038
Salt Lake City UT 84152

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Updated June 6, 2009