Board of Directors & Resources

Documents:  Trusteeship Map, Bylaws 1992, Bylaws 2013, Master Plan

Capitol Hill Neighborhood Council Board of Directors

Officer (Area) Name Contact
Chair (Kimball) Eric Jergensen 801-913-2141
Vice-Chair (West Capitol) Donald Butterfield 385-242-2374
Secretary (Kimball) Brian Jensen 801-807-8183
Treasurer (Marmalade) Andrew Prior 801-440-1861
Director’s Area Name Contact
Marmalade Michael Measom 864-674-7465
Ensign C. Dean Larsen 801-575-8135
Desoto Paul Hanks 801-961-9889
West Capitol Hill Peter von Sivers 801-364-3310
West Capitol Hill Bonnie Archer 801-328-1325
Marmalade Minta Brandon 801-355-1363
At-Large Terry McKeown 801-599-8180
Kimball Victoria Collard 801-403-3947
West Capitol Hill Robert King 801-359-9992
Marmalade Shirley McLaughlan 801-328-4182
Other Name Contact
Website Kelly Badger 801-232-8608
SLCPD Vol. Corps Robert King 801-520-5803
SLCPD Liaison Det. Scott Stuck 801-799-3623
Misc Resources Contact
Graffiti Busters 801-972-7885
Our Elected Representatives
State Senator  Jim Dabakis 801-656-8269
State Representative  Rebecca Chavez-Houck 801-891-9292
Salt Lake City Councilman  Stan Penfold 801-535-7726