Courtroom Observation Volunteer

The Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission is currently seeking volunteers for its Courtroom Observation Program. The attached outlines some of the opportunities and responsibilities that are available to those interested in participating. A member of our Capitol Hill Neighborhood Council is the Executive Director of the Commission.

Please consider this as an excellent opportunity to give service to our State and community.


Press Release CO Nov 2014

Capitol Hill Pump Station Update

Salt Lake City Public Utilities has provided the attached update for the Capitol Hill Pump Station project that is currently under development on 500 North and Cortez.

Please review and send questions to the web link if you would like additional information.  Public Utilities will likely be attending our January meeting to provide an update.

Capitol Hills PS – Update 12-12-14


November Council Meeting

Just a reminder that our November Council Meeting will be held this Wednesday, November 19th, at 6:30 p.m. in Room 240 in the State Capitol Building. The agenda will include:

* Reports from elected officials and SLC representatives
* Presentation and update regarding the Capitol Hill pump station being designed and constructed at 500 North and Cortez.
* Presentation and update and final design for a traffic signal and improvements at the 500 North and Columbus Street intersection.
* Report regarding new trail options for Ensign Peak
* Annual elections of new Trustees to the Neighborhood Council Board.

There are a lot of good things happening in our neighborhoods. Please come and participate.

P.S. Our Fall Bulletin is now on the website. Please take a moment to get up to date with what is going on in the neighborhood.

Car Burglaries


Over the past months there have been several car burglaries in the area. On Saturday around 6:00am, a thief was confronted about looking in cars with a flashlight on Vine Street — he quickly fled. He then returned around 8:00am and was captured on video breaking into a car but unfortunately his license plate number has not yet been captured. The man drives a white SUV and has also been seen driving around the neighborhood throughout the night and into the morning.

Please keep an eye out and be sure to report any suspicious activity to 911. If your car has been burglarized and you have not already filed a police report, you can do so online at

Edit: A witness has provided the following additional information about the car and suspect:

  • Drives a White Hyundai Santa Fe with only a rear license plate. No front plate.
  • Rear windows are tinted dark
  • Rims are silver
  • No spare tire on the trunk door
  • The driver is nearly 6 ft tall, skinny, darker skin (maybe mexican or persian). He has a narrow, long nose and little to no visible hair on his head.