November Council Meeting

Just a reminder that our November Council Meeting will be held this Wednesday, November 19th, at 6:30 p.m. in Room 240 in the State Capitol Building. The agenda will include:

* Reports from elected officials and SLC representatives
* Presentation and update regarding the Capitol Hill pump station being designed and constructed at 500 North and Cortez.
* Presentation and update and final design for a traffic signal and improvements at the 500 North and Columbus Street intersection.
* Report regarding new trail options for Ensign Peak
* Annual elections of new Trustees to the Neighborhood Council Board.

There are a lot of good things happening in our neighborhoods. Please come and participate.

P.S. Our Fall Bulletin is now on the website. Please take a moment to get up to date with what is going on in the neighborhood.

Car Burglaries


Over the past months there have been several car burglaries in the area. On Saturday around 6:00am, a thief was confronted about looking in cars with a flashlight on Vine Street — he quickly fled. He then returned around 8:00am and was captured on video breaking into a car but unfortunately his license plate number has not yet been captured. The man drives a white SUV and has also been seen driving around the neighborhood throughout the night and into the morning.

Please keep an eye out and be sure to report any suspicious activity to 911. If your car has been burglarized and you have not already filed a police report, you can do so online at

Edit: A witness has provided the following additional information about the car and suspect:

  • Drives a White Hyundai Santa Fe with only a rear license plate. No front plate.
  • Rear windows are tinted dark
  • Rims are silver
  • No spare tire on the trunk door
  • The driver is nearly 6 ft tall, skinny, darker skin (maybe mexican or persian). He has a narrow, long nose and little to no visible hair on his head.


September Council Meeting

Good Afternoon …

Just a reminder that our September Capitol Hill Neighborhood Council meeting will be this Wednesday, September 17th at 6:30 p.m. in Room 240 of the Utah State Capitol Building. We will NOT be meeting in the Copper Room as we have done in the past.

We will be discussing the updates on the South Davis Corridor Transportation Project which was initiated over twelve months ago and is now working its way to the City Council. It has critical implications for our neighborhood because the main corridor from South Davis into Salt Lake City is our neighborhood’s 300 West/400 West corridor. There WILL be impacts on our neighborhood.

We will also be getting an update from the RDA regarding the development on 300 West between 500 North and 600 North. Requests for concepts have gone out and we’ll be hearing about the responses.

Also, we’ll be having candidates for the At-Large County Council seat, the District 1 County Council seat and our District 3 School Board candidates all come and speak as well as be available for questions. In October, we’ll have the State Senate and Legislative candidates speak to us.

Please come!! This is an important meeting as we, once again, take up transportation and development issues that will affect our community.

Thanks. Hope to see you on Wednesday.

Please find attached the updated report for the 300 West Median Improvements.  You will recall from our previous meetings and Bulletin that the SLC RDA, SLC Transportation and UDOT are working together to create improved streetscapes for our neighborhood at 300 West.  These updates will contain traffic information, lane closures and other news so we, as a neighborhood, will know what to expect.  We’ll continue to post these weekly updates through end of construction which is expected in December, 2014.

We’ll look forward to these improvements to our neighborhood.


Week 3 Update

August Council Meeting

The August Capitol Hill Neighborhood Council Meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 in Room 240 of the State Capitol Building. We do not normally hold a Council meeting in August, but, we’ll be meeting to have UDOT provide their final decisions for a proposed traffic signal at 500 North.

PLEASE NOTE: We have changed our meeting room!! We will be in Room 240 of the State Capitol Building ….. not the Copper Room. Room 240 is on the second floor, east side. Because of construction, the East doors of the Capitol will not be open. Please enter through either the North, South or West doors.

The agenda will include the final decision on the proposed traffic light at 500 North as well as reports from state and city representatives.

Hope to see you all there.

Also, look for Candidate Nights at both our September and October meetings.


Capitol Hill Traffic Analysis Final Open House


Please attend a Final Open House to review and discuss options for this proposed traffic signal at 500 North and Columbus Street. UDOT, SLC Transportation and InterPlan will be in attendance with information regarding their traffic analysis and how a traffic signal will impact our neighborhoods and homes.

Lisa Zundell from UDOT and Charles Allen from InterPlan have been involved since last December in an effort to address traffic flow issues that affect our neighborhood. We have held multiple meetings and two Open Houses in advance of the proposed 500 North traffic signal solution.

This will be our last opportunity to ask questions and provide comment as a neighborhood prior to the proposals being forwarded for final review and design.

The Open House will be held:

Wednesday, July 30th
6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Copper Room in the East Annex (where we hold our Council meetings)

Please alert your neighbors and friends about this Open House.

If you would like to preview the proposed solutions and analysis, please click on the following link:

July Council Meeting

Capitol Hill Traffic Analysis and Suggestions – Final Proposal Review

At our Council’s July 16th meeting we received a briefing from Lisa Zundel of UDOT and Charles Allen of InterPlan regarding a final suggested proposal for changes to the traffic patterns around the State Capitol. Their analysis suggests three alternatives of placing a traffic light at the Columbus Street and 500 North intersection.  The three alternatives are outlined in the attached “July Council Meeting” document.

Please take a look at these alternatives and, if you desire, provide your comments and suggestions by clicking on “Leave Reply.”  UDOT would like to finalize their proposal and start making their presentations to the various stakeholders that are involved in this final decision. As a result, comments need to be made prior to July 31st.

We especially appreciate the great effort by Lisa Zundel of UDOT and Charles Allen of InterPlan in working closely with community members to make sure input was heard and addressed.

There have been comments regarding the need to address both bicycle safety and access and pedestrian safety and access.  These issues were not specifically part of this study, but, will certainly be taken up in coordination with SLC Transportation as part of the ongoing effort to make our neighborhood and the State Capitol area more bike and pedestrian friendly.  Also, stay tuned for more discussion of access improvements along East Capitol Boulevard to the east of the State Capitol Building.

Again, comments on the final proposals need to be made prior to July 31st, so please take some time to review these options and comment.

July Council Meeting