4th Ave Water Treatment Plant – Up to the Mayor

Do you know about the proposed 4th Ave Water Treatment Plant?

The photo, above, shows the site as it looks now just south of Memory Grove.

Please attend the next Greater Avenues Community Council Meeting*

Ask the Mayor your questions about the proposed 4th Avenue Water Treatment Plant

  • functionality,
  • placement or
  • design

According to past and present City Council members for District 3

  • The SLC Public Utilities has an enterprise fund which will pay for the Water Treatment Plant
  • The issue won’t come to a City Council vote for funding, they don’t have the power of the purse on this issue
  • All decisions about functionality, placement and design will be made by the executive branch of SL City Government.

* Please attend the next GACC Meeting:

  • Wednesday, Oct 3
  • 7 to 9 PM
  • @ the Sweet SL Library Branch, 455  F St. 

TOP IMAGE: Current View, photo courtesy of David Sheer
INSET IMAGES: Renderings of proposed 4th Ave Well Brick Tank Draft Simulations 1 of 4 (June 2018) courtesy of
Bowen Collins & Associates, and SLC Public Utilities


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