I-15 at 400 S & 600 N Updates

I-15 at 400 S & 600 N;
SR-89 at NB I-15
Salt Lake City, Utah
PIN 17398, F-I15-7(360)307
Sunday, June 19, 2022

Project description: Construction crews are widening the I-15 400 South and 600 North
interchange off-ramps. An additional lane will be constructed in the southbound direction at 400
South, and one in the northbound direction at 600 North. The project will also install and replace
overhead signage along I-15 between 400 South and 600 North and on Beck Street (US-89) in
the northbound direction, before the I-15 NB merge.
Construction started on August 15, 2021 and has carried over into the spring of 2022.
400 South and 600 North, Beck Street (North Salt Lake)
Monday, June 20 through Wednesday, June 22: Junction Box installation (400 South Off-ramp,
600 North On-ramp)
Thursday, June 23 through Friday, June 24: Junction Box installation (Beck Street, 1810 North,
North Salt Lake)
Construction will occur on the shoulders, which will result in shoulder closures, but will have
minimal impact to traffic.
Schedule may vary due to inclement weather.
For further information, please call the project hotline at 385-354-5600.

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