August Council Meeting

August Capitol Hill Neighborhood Council Meeting

Wednesday, August 17, 2106
6:30 p.m.
Multi-Purpose Room – Marmalade Library

We’ll have reports from City and Legislative officials as well as public safety departments.

Our main discussion will be regarding City policies and ordinances that regulate short term rentals, including such options as AirBnB, VRBO, etc. Current City ordinances do not allow for rentals under 30 days without a license. Such licenses are not allowed in the residential zones of our neighborhoods. City officials will be present to take feedback from the neighborhood and to discuss current ordinances and enforcement. In addition, they would like to have our neighborhood’s suggestions on whether or not the current policies and ordinances are adequate or need to be revised in some manner to address both the positive and negative aspects of the AirBnB “phenomenon.”

As always, these are discussions that are critical to sustaining our neighborhood’s well-being and vibrancy. Please come and please let others know about the meeting who may have an interest in the topic being discussed.

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