California Burgers and Deli: Four Stars on Yelp

On the northeast corner of 300 West and 300 North is a clean and inviting new place with great food. The current owner of the property, Ju Baek Lee, has been operating CB&D for almost a year; his first anniversary of serving the neighborhood is in April 2013. Prior to becoming CB&D, the building was a Molcha Salsa.

CaliforniaDeli 01 CaliforniaDeli 03

Before coming to Utah, Lee operated similar restaurants in Central California for more than 20 years. In 2012, he and his family relocated to Centerville and he opened CB&D in our neighborhood. Korean by birth, he and his family immigrated to the US in 1972. By now, Lee knows the American fast-food restaurant business well and wants to take it up a notch.

CB&D is more than your typical fast food place. One of his specialties is the California Burger – with red onions, pastrami, bacon, Swiss cheese, pickles and a large hamburger patty all on a sesame seed bun.  He also serves great onion rings, flavor blast soft serve ice cream, teriyaki chicken sandwiches and a few Korean sides. The building also has an off-street drive-up window to make ordering take-out especially easy. Watch out Crown Burger—CB&D is real competition; most YELP ratings are four stars.

I visited with Lee in the restaurant one afternoon and watched several students enjoying fries and burgers. You’ll usually find him there: he spends more than 8 hours a day working to make his restaurant a success. And sometimes other family members are there helping out. He has two sons; one in the 2nd grade, another in the 12th grade. Even the younger son helps out after hours. The restaurant is always pleasant and clean.

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As for clientele, where else would you put a hamburger deli but kitty-corner from the city’s best high school? His restaurant is regularly frequented by West High students during the week—before, during and after school. Some have worked there as part-time employees. To the east, the fire fighters of Fire Station #2 know Lee’s food well and visit CB&D often. Summers may be a little slow when school is out, but California Burgers & Deli is fast gaining a reputation as a great place to get a burger and fries.

Lee likes the neighborhood – he says it’s safe, clean, and close to downtown. He has tables outside on 300 North and they’re the perfect place to enjoy an evening meal and listen to the sounds of downtown.  We at the Capitol Hill Neighborhood council encourage you to drop by and experience the California Burger & Deli. Say hello and welcome one of our newest businesses.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy the experience and return time and again.

The restaurant is open M-F 7AM – 9PM, Sat 8AM – 9PM and is closed on Sundays.

Contact 801-924-0372