Capitol Area Traffic Study and Potential Solutions

The attached presentation was given by Charles Allen and Lisa Zundel at our May Council meeting to update the Council on the status of the Capitol Traffic Study and Analysis which has been in the works since last December.  Please review and submit questions that you may have regarding the proposals that are currently under discussion. A June open house is being scheduled at which these ideas and others will be discussed in greater depth. Stay tuned … the date of the open house will be posted as soon as it is available.


Capitol Hill Traffic Studies and Potential Solutions

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  1. At an earlier occasion I suggested a fairly simple change on North Temple that would speed up morning traffic coming downhill on Main St.from the Capitol and wishing to go to State Street.

    This is: Restripe the lanes on North Temple going east so that traffic on both left turn lines from Main St. can go together for a right turn to State St. At present, only one left turn lane goes directly to State St.

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