Monthly Meeting Minutes for April 17, 2013

6:30 PM, Call to order

Richard Starley called the regular monthly meeting of the Capitol Hill Neighborhood Council to order at 6:30 on April 17, 2013 in the Copper Room of the Senate Office Building at the Utah State Capitol.

6:31 PM, Introductions/Roll call

Richard Starley conducted an introduction roll call. The following persons were present: Robert King, Vicky Collard, Adam Dahl, Kimberly Burkart, Parley Jacobs, Robert McCarthy, Betty Lorenz, Alan Schulz, Geoffrey Fitzwilliam, Melanie Fitzwilliam, Beth Jones, Chris Valdez, Scott Lampau, Vince Kerzman, Charli Goodman, Georg Stutzenberger, Melissa Jensen, Shirley McLaughlan, Analee Apgood, Michael Measom, Erlinda Davis, Minta Brandon, Katherine Gardner, Polly Hart, Nephi Kemmethmueller, and Richard Starley.

6:35 PM, Announcements:

Richard Starley made several announcements including:

  • The replacement lighting for the 600 North viaduct is nearly complete.
  • Several architectural students from the University of Utah have finished a display called “People and Place”, which can be viewed at 569 North 300 West,  Suite B, showing their development solutions for the “Marmalade District”.
  • Salt Lake City will hold a downtown development workshop at the Salt Palace on 5/9/2013.  Please see for details.
  • The annual Japanese Festival will be held on April 27, 2013 along First South between 200 West and 300 West.  Please see their website for details.

6:42 PM, Reports:

  • Fire Station #2:  Liason Officer Scott Lampau spoke for the crew at Fire Station #2 regarding canvassing the neighborhood with an eye for fire safety and fire prevention.  Please see their website for more information
  • Police Department: Liaison Officer Charli Goodman informed the group of the latest crime statistics for the community and advised on ways to prevent crime.  Please see their website for more information
  • Elected Officials: State Representative Rebecca Chavez-Houck is looking for new issues for the next legislative session, and would like those with ideas to contact her by email at:
  • Mobile Watch: Georg Stutzenberger advised everyone to keep an eye out for suspicious activity near 600 North at Wall Street, as a stolen car had been found nearby.
  • Mayor’s Office: Joyce Valdez reminded everyone of the upcoming SLC Marathon on Saturday, and spoke of the opening of the new performing arts center downtown, as well as letting us all know that the neighborhood cleanup for our community will begin on 9/16/2013.  She fielded several enforcement issues regarding a couple of parking strips in the West Capitol neighborhood, and told the council that the recent parking tickets passed out along Wall Street were mistakenly written and subsequently dismissed.  The Mayor’s office still has a few slots left for the monthly citizen meetings with the mayor; for more information please see the city’s website at:

7:01 PM, Petitions:

  • Proposed Development: Nathan Anderson, a local developer, is proposing a 10 unit two-bedroom condominium project located on the vacant property at 300 North and Reed Avenue.  It will consist of 10, three-story town homes each with an attached two car garage.  There are some fence and property line variances proposed within the project.  The council decided to wait and take voting action on the project at next month’s meeting.  
  • Call for Volunteers: Adam Dahl and Kimberly Burkart of Comcast requested and were granted time to speak to the council regarding the upcoming West High School Comcast Cares Day – Saturday, April 27, 2013, and asked for volunteers from the neighborhood to help clean up the school, inside and out.  They are offering free breakfast and lunch, along with tee shirts to all comers. They  explained the project and passed out volunteer forms.  Please see their website for more information at  To download a  registration form (these are required) please click here: ComcastCaresDay at WHS registration

7:35 PM, Neighborhood Reports and Updates:

  • Traffic Committee:  Melanie Fitzwilliam reported for Laura Arellano that the committee had met on Thursday, April 4 at Laura’s home and had decided to reach out to our local representatives for a more inclusive role in the traffic-planning process with special regard to the heavy commuter traffic from Weber and Davis Counties coursing through the neighborhood via Victory Road and State Street.  The committee, with Laura’s help, has set up a meeting with various representatives from the city and the state to be held on Monday evening at the Capitol.
  • Capitol Neighborhood: Michael Measom, trustee for the Capitol Neighborhood reported that he had held a neighborhood meeting in the Salt Lake Acting Company building and had had a fair turnout.  There was discussion about trees in along the street concern about cars crashing into the property at the bottom of Zane Avenue, which was directed to Joyce Valdez from the Mayor’s office for further review.
  • Desoto/Cortez: Katherine Gardner mentioned that she intends to hold a block party meeting on DeSoto when the weather warms up.

7:58 PM, Final Business/Survey of Various Issues:

Richard Starley closed the meeting with a quick survey of the issues before the council and reminded everyone of various upcoming volunteer opportunities:

  • The Annual Memory Grove Spring Cleanup
  • The Proposed 600 North Overpass Cleanup
  • Comcast /West High Cleanup     

8:04 PM, Adjournment:

The meeting was adjourned by Richard Starley after a motion by Polly Hart was seconded by Katherine Gardner.   Our next meeting will be held next month at 6:30 PM, Wednesday May 15, 2013 in the Copper Room of the Senate Office Building, at the Utah State Capitol Complex.

Minutes submitted by: Geoffrey Fitzwilliam for Laura Arellano

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  1. Thank you Geoff for sending the minutes and the other information we had discussed at our Capitol Hill Neighborhood meetings. It’s a great record keeping and information so that everyone in our community will know that we, each one of us, has to work together in order to accomplish what is needed to be done to keep our area a great place to live. Each contribution and voice can make a difference.

    Erlinda Davis

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