Car Burglaries


Over the past months there have been several car burglaries in the area. On Saturday around 6:00am, a thief was confronted about looking in cars with a flashlight on Vine Street — he quickly fled. He then returned around 8:00am and was captured on video breaking into a car but unfortunately his license plate number has not yet been captured. The man drives a white SUV and has also been seen driving around the neighborhood throughout the night and into the morning.

Please keep an eye out and be sure to report any suspicious activity to 911. If your car has been burglarized and you have not already filed a police report, you can do so online at

Edit: A witness has provided the following additional information about the car and suspect:

  • Drives a White Hyundai Santa Fe with only a rear license plate. No front plate.
  • Rear windows are tinted dark
  • Rims are silver
  • No spare tire on the trunk door
  • The driver is nearly 6 ft tall, skinny, darker skin (maybe mexican or persian). He has a narrow, long nose and little to no visible hair on his head.


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  1. Thank you, this is really valuable information. I will watch carefully to see if a white SUV shows up at the neighborhood drug houses, and yes the police are aware of these drug houses, but can’t seem to shut them down.

  2. Our resident parking lot on Almond St. Was hit Friday night. Three cars had the passenger window smashed. They skipped any car with an alarm system. This is a repeat hit; last month they hit three cars as well. Please call the police if you see any suspicious activity.

  3. Folks, for whatever reason we’ve had a rash of these car prowls in our neighborhood recently. Key is to remove all of your valuables out of your car. The thief will only take a few seconds to check through the window. If he sees nothing, he moves on. The SLCPD will be at our October 15th meeting to address this issue, answer questions and give additional tips on how to combat car prowls. We meet at 6:30 in Room 240 of the State Capitol. Please come.

  4. Many of us on Almond St have to park in that little public parking lot. It is really super dark at night and several cars have been broken into in two separate smash and grabs the past two months. Our two cars were broken into and nothing was taken other than whatever we had hanging from the rear view mirror. Both times the rearview mirror was yanked off and one car’s windshield broke from the force of the mirror being pulled off. They also break locked jockey/glove boxes. Some people are leaving their car doors unlocked. Is there anyway the City can install a big street light in that lot? And whatever happened to our Neighborhood Watch program?

    1. The parking lot on Almond is a community resource. Without it, parking would be impossible in our neighborhood. Unfortunately the repeat hitter seems to have noted it as a target, because it is so dark. We had our car broken into just this weekend. The parking lot does have a city street light at the south east corner, however it hasn’t been cleaned in years and is so full of dead box elder bugs that the only color it gives off is a dull orange! The minimum that the city could do is clean the lens and housing, if not replace the bulb with a brighter one.

  5. It doesn’t matter if the lot is dark or lit, I have surveillance footage of this person breaking into a car at 8 am in the full morning light. I’m sure a light wouldn’t hurt, but this particular guy is pretty brazen.

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