CHNC Updates

First, THANK YOU to our City Council Dist 3 Candidates for the informative panel discussion at July’s council meeting. All eligible voters should have received a mail-in ballot, or can vote early at any of the Early Voting locations on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays between August 2nd-11th. Check here to find locations:


At June’s council meeting, we had the Rooftop Solar panel (see June Meeting Minutes for details) and did balloting for the following:

SLC Climate Positive 2040 Initiative

UCARE Proposal

The majority of you voted to support both of these initiatives.


On July 18, two of your CHNC Board Members – David Scheer & Polly Hart – were on KRCL’s Radio Active show discussing Warm Springs Plunge. They did a great job representing us! Listen here:


At May’s council meeting, we had a presentation on the Community Wildfire Preparedness Plan (CWPP). Click here for tips and details of how to get credit for our community when you invest any personal man power or pay others to do work that makes your home more fire-wise: CWPP Description for CHNC


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