Council comments on Almond Street Development

Attached is the letter sent by Council Chair Richard Starley to Lex Traughber of SLC Planning Division concerning the Garbett Staker proposed development on Almond and West Temple Streets. The letter is the official comment of the Capitol Hill Neighborhood Council. CHNC comments – Garbett Staker Development 12-28-13

Any resident or concerned citizen can comment on the development by either writing to the SLC Planning Division (address is on the letter) or by emailing Lex Traughber, Senior Planner at, or phoning or faxing that division at TEL 801-535-6184, or FAX 801-535-6174.


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  1. I am somewhat concerned about the appearence of the Almond Street development. From the drawings I’ve seen, it appears to be gray boxes with no architectural interest to them. The reason I moved to the Marmelade area was to avoid the gray cookie-cutter boxes of suburbia. It doesn’t take much to add some interset to the design. Please ask the architect to come up with something a little more innovative than a box.

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      Thank you Joan. I too am concerned about the exterior design (or lack thereof). The development has not yet been approved, so there may still be time for changes to the design. I will state your concerns to the City and the developer. I appreciate your involvement. Let’s hope they can come up with something better looking for the neighborhood.

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