Goats and Washington School … You’ve got to read this!!

There have been a few neighbors who have expressed concerns about the areas just east of Washington School being overgrown with weeds, etc.  Well, our great principal at Washington, Rebecca Pittam, and the SLC School District have come up with an interesting and novel way to get rid of the weeds.

Please read the attached …. should be interesting.  Post pictures if you take them.

June 23, 2015

Dear Washington Neighbor,

We wanted to bring you up to date on an event we have planned for the weekend of June 26th to improve the hillside area in the back of the school. This is part of a long term plan to clean up the weeds and beatify the area in a natural, safe, and cost effective way.

On June 26th a Utah company, D-Goat Ranch will bring approximately 100 goats to the hillside. Temporary fencing will be set up to keep the goats in the hillside “grazing area” where they will stay until Monday morning, June 29th. During the weekend. The goats will eat nearly all of the vegetation on the hillside (leaves on trees up to 6 feet high and saplings up to about 1” in diameter. A herder will be on site day and night to watch the goats. Droppings within the grazing area become trampled into the soil by the goats and will actually contribute to the soil quality.

The following week, the grounds crew from Salt Lake City School District will selectively remove dead trees and volunteer trees/shrubs greater than 2” in diameter.

We would appreciate it if you could keep your children away from the school grounds during this weekend so that we can avoid any problems.

If you have any questions, please direct them to the following:

Mark Ruff who is overseeing the project @ 886.8929 ext. 164. Or 801-244-1581

Ricardo Zubiate 801-514-7976

Thank you,

Rebecca Pittam, Principal

Washington Elementary School

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  1. Great idea! Gets rid of weeds without using toxic chemicals, feeding useful critters at the same time. Goat cheese, yum.

  2. Goats doing landscape maintenance and feetilizing is a terrific idea! I applaud this innovative and environmentally sound solution

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