Katherine Gardner Recognized by the Chief of Police

Most of you may already be aware that Katherine Gardner has stepped down as our neighborhood council chair, and as of the first of this year, Richard Starley of Zane Avenue has taken over leadership of the community group.

Katherine was recognized at January’s council meeting for her overwhelming contribution to our community.  She was not only awarded a certificate of appreciation by the Council, but another presented to her personally by the Salt Lake City Chief of Police, Chris Burbank, who attended the meeting in her honor.


Katherine has been chair for the past four years, as well as a previous eight year stint in which she oversaw the installation of the traffic light at 3rd North and Columbus.  She has lived in our neighborhood on DeSoto Street for the past fifty years and has watched many things change in that time frame.

She has raised five daughters while holding down a full-time job as an elementary teacher and receiving her master’s degree in Education from the University of Utah.  Born in Logan and raised in southern California and Arizona she moved to Salt Lake City as a young woman to pursue a career in teaching after receiving her bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona.

Retired from teaching now, she spends her time still helping in the neighborhood and with the council while she finds time for her fifteen grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.  She remains the trustee for the DeSoto/Cortez area, and will continue to be an important member of the council.  Thank you Katherine, we are all grateful for your continued service to our community.