Major Neighborhood Traffic Impacts – Capitol Hill Construction Update

Major road construction along Columbus Street, Zane Avenue, 500 North and Main Street will cause critical effects on our neighborhood for the next two months.  UDOT will be repaving state roads in most of our neighborhood.  The traffic signal on 500 North and improvements along East Capitol are also being put in place.

We will have weekly updates that will be posted on Fridays and Saturdays for the coming week.  Construction is expected to be completed in early November.  There is also a contact number and website indicated in the update.

Please take the time to study the attached update.

We have a number of people that may not have accessed this information.  If you’ve been able to get this information, please take time to let your neighbors know.


Capitol Hill Update_September 4, 2015


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  1. Can you tell me if they are going to be putting any sidewalks along East Capitol Blvd. north of 500 North? That few blocks that has no sidewalks is a hazard for the many pedestrians that walk there, especially in the winter with cars sliding down the hill.

    Amy McMinn
    210 E. Dorchester Dr.

    1. Post


      Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, north of 500 North is a City owned road. This project is a State/UDOT project and will not be putting sidewalks in along East Capitol Blvd. going north. As a Council, we continue to work on that important addition through requesting Capital Improvement Project funds. Hopefully, in the next go around.

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