Neighborhood Council Meeting – July 20th, 6:30PM

6:30 Convene in Person

Treasurer’s Report

Committee Reports

6:35 Public Official Updates

Chris Wharton- City Council

Det. Marie Stewart- SLPD

Hannah Barton- Mayor’s Office

Jennifer Dailey-Provost- State Legislature

7:00 Salt Lake City Water Presentation and Discussion

10 minute presentations with time for Q&A

Lynn de Freitas

Friends of the Great Salt Lake

Executive Director

Rick Maloy

Central Utah Water Conservation District

Water Conservation Manager

Stephanie Duer

Salt Lake City Public Utilities

Water Conservation Manager

7:40 Public Comment
7:45 Adjourn

Save the date:

July 20th 6:30 PM

Marmalade Library or Zoom

Register in advance for this meeting:–uqD4pH9X5cMxydwc55-WayXgQZTkO

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