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The Wade Home. Look at that view!


Historic Homes

Our corner of the city is rich in historicity!

This month’s house is located at the corner of 400 North and North Main Street in the Capitol Hill Historic District. This c.1906 house was probably based on a pattern book design – the forerunner of today’s magazines that offer house plans for purchase. The 1-1/2 story building has many typical Victorian architectural and decorative elements, such as a large front window with a decorative transom window, shingled gables, and a wood sunburst element in the front porch pediment. The house was built for Harry C. and Janet Wade. Little information was found on the Wades, except that Mr. Wade is listed in city directories as a clerk. In 1935, title to the house passed to James W. Wade, son of Harry and Janet. Read more here!



  • Our meeting format will be updated: We know you want more excitement at our meetings. Plus! We’ll be adding featured Historic Home stories to our newsletters. Starting Now! See above…
  • Chris Wharton, City Council District 3, update: filling vacancies, legislature issues include water jurisdiction, sales tax (city vs state) boundary dispute in Millcreek. See District 3 updates, here. See exciting updates on the new airport, here.
  • The Parks and Public Lands 2018 Annual Report  See the annual report here!
  • Get the latest Salt Lake City Community Fire Department Newsletter HERE!
  • We have new Board Members and New Committee Heads. (Pages on the website will soon reflect the changes.)




Calendar Postings:

  • Wednesday, Feb 20 @ 6:30 PM  Next Community Council Meeting
  • 4th of July Breakfast date to be announced
  • Jam Fest 2019 date to be announced


Upcoming CNCH Meeting Dates:

Next Council Meeting:
Feb 20, 6:30
Multipurpose Room, Marmalade Library

Next Board Meeting: 
Feb 4, 6:30
Jex Conference Room, Marmalade Library



CHNC Purpose Statement
Enhance and strengthen the vitality of our neighborhoods by fostering a participatory community of Informed, Engaged and Empowered residents working together to improve our neighborhoods.

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