Realigning Our Neighborhoods to CH Master Plan

At the August meeting of the Council, there was discussion around the possibility of changing our neighborhood designations from the old nine (9) neighborhood designations to a new five (5) neighborhood designations in accordance with the Capitol Hill Master Plan of 1999.

Two neighborhoods remain the same: Ensign and Desoto. Swedetown is no longer designated a neighborhood due to its increasing industrialization. This area and the 400 – 500 West Corridor are designated as Industrial Areas. The other six neighborhoods are combined into three neighborhoods: Marmalade, West Capitol Hill and Kimball, The Trustees of Capitol Hill Neighborhood Council will consider these new changes over the months to come in 2013. Please share your comments through this website. Thank you.

New – Old neighborhood lines .

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  1. I propose using Marmalade for all three areas therefore using it to encompass West Capitol Hill and Kimball. I have never heard any of my friends or acquaintances use WCH or Kimball to designate those neighborhoods. Their notion is that the Marmalade begins north of Zion’s Summit Condos. West Capitol Hill gives the impression that it is adjacent to the Capitol, which it isn’t, and I simply don’t know what Kimball refers to. Simplify, simplify.

  2. Collapsing the neighborhoods into 3 is fine by me, though I live in Ensign and the decision must rest w/those in the affected areas. thanks – Nick

  3. I see quite a bit to comment on in this redistricting plan for the CH Neighborhood Council. However, rather than listing those, I would like to know about the process. Normally organizations wanting such changes form a committee to look at the need, and if necessary, develop a plan for the entire council to comment on. Has that been done? If yes, I would like to talk to the committee member from my area.


    Ron Love 801 414 5683

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