Reminder: November CHNC Meeting

Just a quick reminder of our regular, monthly Capitol Hill Neighborhood Council meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, November 18th, 6:30 p.m. in the Copper Room – East Annex of the State Capitol Complex. Its the same room in which we held our meetings for a number of years. Since the Capitol Board Room is unavailable for the next few months, we’ll hold our meetings in the Copper Room until the Marmalade Library is open in February.

On the agenda tomorrow evening:

1. Reports from City and Legislative Representatives
2. Report on Annual Meeting Requirements
3. Discussion of traffic patterns and pedestrian/vehicle safety issues at the Intersection of Main Street and North Temple with a potential request from the LDS Church to change the current flow pattern and allow ingress/egress from the Church Office Building parking structure directly from and on to Main Street.
4. Final Report from UDOT on the 500 North/Columbus Traffic Signal installation and the Capitol Upgrade Project.

Look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow night.


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