Special Bulletin!

Urgent dates! Important Info!

If you missed our meeting last night, you missed a lot!

Urgent dates and info are listed below. See more on the draft of the meeting’s minutes here = LINK.



Very Important Dates:

The Mayor’s State of the City Address
LINK to info and invitation
@ East High
@ 5:45 PM

Wednesday, January 23
2019 Homeless Point in Time Count – TRAINING
LINK to information
@ Sunrise Metro in Downtown Salt Lake City, 580 South 500 West
@ 5:30-8 PM

Friday, January 25
Holiday Tree Curbside Pick up! – Last Day!! Whole trees can be left curbside until this date. 
BROWN BARREL Curbside Pick up! – Last Day!! Cut-up trees can be left in brown bins until this date.
LINK to information

 January 28 – March 8
Winter Suspension of Brown Barrel (compost bins) Curbside collection

LINK to information

SPECIAL ALERT from Det. Gibic
Mail Theft!

Black Ford Explorer with North Dakota plates!

DO NOT follow the car or try to confront it!!! Contact the police!

Call 911 or dispatch.
contact Det. Gibic or dispatch (801-799-3000).

Do not rely on Nextdoor post to alert of crime.
Do not ONLY post on NextDoor. Contact the police directly!!



Regarding ANY crime: If you SEE something SAY something!
Report crimes directly to the police. If it is an emergency, use 911.
If it is a non-emergency, dial dispatch at 801-799-3000.
Everything reported goes into a database and alerts law enforcement, officials, and policy-makers of important issues.


Thank you for reading and being a participating member of our awesome community!!!





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  1. The picture of used needles and tagline regarding homelessness below it is grossly stigmatizing. Can the picture be changed or removed?

    1. Post

      It’s not meant to be stigmatizing…. and I see your point. Sorry about that. There is more to homelessness than needles and trash… there are people. You’re obviously an engaged citizen, for reading these posts. Thank you!

      1. Thank you for your responsiveness and understanding.

        No, I was not at the meeting. I receive the newsletters and emails, but have not been to a meeting in a long time.

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