Thank You Sergeant Tony Brereton


Detective Anthony Brereton has been our liaison with the Salt Lake City Police Department for the past two years. We learned at our January Community Council meeting that he was recently promoted to Sergeant and will now be moving on to other duties. We will have a new officer assigned to our district sometime in February.

We would like to take a moment and recognize Tony for having been totally committed to the safety of our neighborhoods and for always making himself available for investigation of whatever public safety problem might arise, including volunteering for the hands-on cleanup of the garbage (including hazardous waste) left behind in the homeless encampment above Victory Road.


“Tony was always very helpful whenever there was help needed to investigate or look into a problem, no matter what it was -like drug houses, squatting problems, illegal dumping- Tony took it right head on and worked closely with me to solve any problems. Tony always responded quickly to support me and the rest of my Mobile Watch team. We will miss him.” -Georg Stutzenberger

Good luck in the years ahead, Tony, and congratulations from all of us on your promotion. We are grateful for your willingness to help when called upon and for your commitment to the safety of our neighborhoods. Thank you from all of us here in the Capitol Hill community.