Thoughts from the Chair

January 2013
by Richard Starley

As we begin a new year, I wish each and every resident of Capitol Hill neighborhoods the very best. The year 2012 was a difficult year for many of our friends. With record-setting storms, droughts, flooding and crime, 2012 will be remembered by many as not their best. Our home values are still lower than 2008. The recession is still showing its long-term effects. Even politically, our governments struggled with cooperation, finances and services. I hope for better in 2013.

What we call Capitol Hill Neighborhood is a very diverse section of Salt Lake City. It incorporates the oldest neighborhood, the Marmalade, and one of its newest and expanding, Ensign Downs. Swedetown has morphed almost entirely into an industrial area. Warm Springs, St. Mark’s, West High are also changing, while Hillcrest and DeSoto/Cortez are well established. The Neighborhood Council welcomes all residents to join our efforts at improving the livability of Capitol Hill.

If December is any indication, it looks like we’re going to have a traditional Utah winter, with plenty of snow and ice on our hilly streets. This means working harder to keep our streets and sidewalks clear. Be careful as you drive. Remember that pedestrians may walk in the streets due to icy (or no) sidewalks. Take the extra time and be cautious. (I wish I could get this message to those who drive through our neighborhoods on the way to somewhere else.)

Have a great month. Join us for our monthly meeting in the Capitol East Office Building (eastside parking lot behind the Capitol accessed from East Capitol Boulevard) on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 6:30PM. 

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