Tour of Utah: Traffic Impacts

The attached document details the probable impact areas and timelines for motorists, home owners and businesses in the Capitol Hill area who will be using the same roadways as the Tour of Utah on Friday, Aug. 7


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  1. a little late for the bulletin. Maybe you all should be on top of the events that happen in our area. Or get people on the board that are willing to communicate with the neighbors prior nor after the fact.

    1. Larry,

      We were not notified of the race course or timing until after the Bulletin went to press. We’ll try be more observant and ahead of the game next time. Thanks for the criticism/suggestion.

  2. I noticed that Andrew Prior is still on the board.. he doesn’t live in the area. Also, I thought that Shirley passed away… so why is she still on the board. Scott Stuck is not the Police Liaison. This really shows that you are all are on top of everything .. doing a great job… Eric,Don..and Brain… Three Blind Mice by BYU

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