West Capitol Subdivision Proposal and Planning Commission Hearing

Members of the Neighborhood Council … especially those in the West Capitol/Darwin/Clinton neighborhood areas.

The proposal for consideration of a subdivision plot entitled Victory Road Twin Homes located at 690 West Capitol Street … which we reviewed in July as a Council … is currently up for a hearing at the Planning Commission on Thursday, December 9, 2015 at 5:30 p.m. in Room 326 of the City Building at 451 South State Street. It is first on the Agenda, so, please come as early as possible. If you desire to speak at the Public Hearing portion, you’ll need to sign a card and submit it prior to the start of the meeting. You’ll have two minutes to speak.

Please let your neighbors know … especially if you live in this neighborhood.

The Planning Staff has submitted their report to the Commission. They have proposed the Commission approve the planned subdivision.

Below is a link to Planning Staff Report.  Please read and, if desired, come on Thursday, December 9th.



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  1. My wife and I reside at 140 W. Clinton Avenue and strongly oppose the plan for construction of new twin homes on West Capitol Street. Clinton Avenue carries a lot of automobile traffic, since West Capitol Street is one way northbound from Zane Avenue. Adding additional housing will only increase the traffic flow. All of the streets in the neighborhood are narrow and difficult to traverse because of the lack of off street parking. Since the time of the freeway reconstruction project for the 2002 Olympics, the West Capitol neighborhood has become a commuter area for people exiting at 600 North. There is a constant flow of traffic during morning and evening rush hours to and from Columbus street to 600 North. I have had the experience of near collisions with commuters running stop signs in their haste.
    In addition to traffic flow, I don’t think modern twin homes are compatible with the existing single family dwellings in this historic neighborhood.
    Rick MacDougall

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