The Capitol Hill Neighborhood Council serves a diverse community that includes Marmalade, DeSoto, Kimball, West Capitol Hill, the Ensign Peak area, and Swedetown. [insert or link to map elsewhere on website. If latter, make sure they can easily navigate back to Why CHNC page] 

Our online meetings give you opportunities not only to hear from, but speak to and ask questions of public officials, including the Police and Fire Departments, the Mayor’s office, our representatives on the City Council and Salt Lake City Board of Education, and our State Legislators.

The purpose of the CHNC is to bring Capitol Hill residents together to

  • Build community. Get to know your neighbors and share your interests. Stay informed, interact with public officials, see presentations by experts on topics ranging from homelessness to gardening, join CHNC committees and enjoy community events organized by the CHNC.
  • Have a voice in your neighborhood’s future. As a recognized community organization, the city is required to seek input from the CHNC about new construction and development, city policies such as zoning, and plans for parks, streets and transit that affect our area. Together, we can influence these decisions.
  • Work together to solve problems. Kept awake by loud trucks or unmuffled motorcycles? Had close calls with speeding cars? Tired of excess cut-through traffic? These are some of the problems the CHNC is currently working to solve with private, city and state entities.

The CHNC is organized and run completely by volunteer residents, so your involvement is critical!