Notice Requirements for Construction in the Public Way

The City Council is currently considering a proposal that would require a company seeking a permit for construction in the public right of way to provide notice to residents. Under this proposal, if a company is applying for a permit for a construction project in the public right of way (such as a park strip), the company would be required to notify adjacent property owners before receiving a permit from Salt Lake City.  

The Council has received concerns from constituents impacted by constructions in the public right of way near their homes. It’s likely similar issues have been brought up at community and neighborhood councils as well.  

Under this proposal, a notice must include:  

  • Name of the permit applicant performing the construction,  
  • Purpose of the construction, 
  • Contact information of the permit holder. This way, residents know who to contact with any questions or concerns.  

The Council will hold a public hearing on the proposed ordinance during the Tuesday, February 1 formal Council meeting starting at 7:00 p.m. Anyone may speak during that meeting for up to two minutes. Residents may learn how to provide their input at this public hearing. Comments may also be shared any time by emailing or calling the 24/hr comment line: 801-535-7654. 

To learn more about this, download Council paperwork, and learn about additional requirements being proposed, please visit  

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