Street & Intersection Typologies Design Guide

What is it?

The Guide will help the City create streets that are designed better for everyone.

The project creates new definitions and designs for 15 distinct kinds (or typologies) of streets in the city. These will supersede the traditional “arterial”, “collector”, and “local” street classifications. The project also assigns one of these new typologies to each of the nearly 8,400 public street segments in Salt Lake City.

The typologies consider land use context as well as citywide and neighborhood goals, allocate appropriate space for each of the five most important and competing functions of the public right-of-way (see below), and prioritize people. Without being prescriptive, the Typologies Guide is like zoning for streets, making sure we have the right streets in the right places.

Why are the typologies important, and why now?

“Streets comprise more than 80% of public spaces in cities, but they often fail to provide their surrounding communities with a space where people can safely walk, bicycle, drive, take transit, and socialize.” – National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) Urban Street Design Guide, 2013.

The Typologies Guide is a unique opportunity to reimagine our streets and ensure that they work better for everyone – by design. New transportation funding at the local, county, and state level provide unique opportunities to apply the recommendations from the Typologies Guide and build the kinds of streets people in Salt Lake City want (for supporting survey results, see the documents at the end of this page).

For a more in-depth overview of the project, watch the project’s West View Media-moderated Facebook Live townhall from July 30th.

How can I provide my input?

By August 15th, please provide your final feedback on the 15 typologies and their cross sections, and the map.

You can provide input on the overall project by taking the survey at the bottom of this section. You can comment on the individual typologies by taking their respective surveys at the bottom of each page (the color links below). You can provide feedback on the draft map by using its comment tools.

Click “Download” for the PDF of all 15 Typologies, or click individual typology links (in color) below.


  1. Two-Way Thoroughfare (Grand Boulevard)
  2. One-Way Thoroughfare (Grand Boulevard)
  3. Destination Thoroughfare
  4. Destination Street
  5. Commercial Shared Street
  6. Urban Green Street (Options A and B)
  7. Urban Village Main Street
  8. Urban Village Street
  9. Industrial/Business Park Thoroughfare
  10. Industrial/Business Park Street
  11. Neighborhood Corridor
  12. Neighborhood Center
  13. Neighborhood Street
  14. Neighborhood Green Street
  15. Neighborhood Shared Street
Click on image to go to the interactive map.

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