300 West Streetscape Project

What are your opinions on the proposed streetscape improvements to 300 West between North Temple and 1000 North? Share your opinions here!

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  1. As long as it’s low maintenence, drought tolerant plants (and no, low maintenence isn’t no maintenence). I’ve seen other areas in the city where beds of plants aren’t kept up – they do need to be weeded every once in a while. I’ve even thought about volunteering to weed them.

  2. I have been asking for treescapes on 300 West for over ten years! Please go ahead with this project and create a grand entrance for visitors to get off on 600 North and enter our city!

  3. I have two concerns: My greatest concern is that the center island for planting is extremely narrow. The City should have learned something from the Foothills project and other places with very narrow planting islands. Secondly: Leafy crowns over 25 feet high will destroy my beautiful view of the capitol. I, of course, am not the only one. Please be sure that doesn’t happen. I can be reached at 801 414-5683.

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