Capitol Hill Traffic Study Proposals and Analysis

The Neighborhood Council held an Open House with InterPlan, UDOT and SLC Transportation to discuss the work that has been done over the past several months to find solutions to traffic problems in our neighborhoods. There was significant analysis of the traffic problems and various solutions were presented as possible options.

Neighbors and interested parties were invited to provide input and suggestions relative to the proposed options. Attached is the presentation of the analysis and solutions provided by InterPlan, UDOT and SLC Transportation. Please take time to review this information and provide feed back on this blog. The feedback will be used to further refine solution options in the future.

Our July Council meeting will include further discussion regarding these options. Again, please provide your input and suggestions …. the more input and participation we, as a community put into this effort, the better the opportunity to find long term, meaningful solutions.


June Open House Boards


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  1. Can’t email Eric so:
    SLC and SLCO are now ticketing (no longer warning) off leash dogs. $25 for the first ticket. There have been complaints about dogs loose and all parks are being patrolled, especially in the early morning and evening. Lindsey Gardens in the Avenues has been targeted and is a problem due to the lack of effective limitation/boundaries for off leash. I just want to have an effective warning. Memory Grove is also being targeted for increased ticketing. I am concerned that SLC seems to be clamping down on dogs. 95% of dog owners are respectful and responsible and I believe that the City and County employees should have better things to do (like catching loose and wild raccoons instead of telling residents to do it). But that is my opinion. I encourage a discussion on this issue. I want to know what you think.

    Golf courses seem to be at risk (not Bonneville) and you and your group may want to discuss how important these courses are to you. Since SLC charged the courses regular water use fees, they have not been able to sustain the golf fund.

    Streetcars are still being proposed for the City, despite the Congressional Research Service report that says that streetcars are not cost effective and not a transit solution. The question should not be do you want a streetcar. There should be a choice. A more respectful question should be: If you had $100 million to spend on transit, where would you like to spend it? Would you prefer one or two streetcar lines or significantly increased service for local buses including late night service to handle evening events?

    Finally, Uber/Lyft or sharing programs are being discussed at the City. Due to the lack of effective taxi service in the foothills/Avenues, and lack of ability to hail a taxi downtown, what does the community membership feel can be done to increase transit alternatives?

    I look forward to attending your next meeting.

    My contact info, phone/email is: 801 867 7071/

  2. I like all four of your promising alternatives. Please also consider restricting traffic on Victory Road. All those Davis County commuters can get used to going down 300 West, which they should use. Damn Deedee Coradini for stealing Main Street!!

    We appreciate you working with us!

  3. This plan looks like it is all about putting more cars into Capitol Hill. There’s no mention of transit, bicycle, or pedestrian improvements. We can’t keep doing things the same way in SLC.

  4. I don’t see a place for late comments on the proposed traffic plans for the capital area. I have looked at all of them in the ppt and as a retired bicycle commuter to the University and downtown I have this to say. There are very few routes into the city from the north and if you add roundabouts and one way streets then I think you owe it to pedestrians and bikers to provide safe sidewalks and separated bike paths for not only reaching the capital but downtown and on up to the university. You must provide travel access in both directions for bikes on steers you turn into one one. You cannot leave cyclists with more traffic to fear and fewer options. I would urge you to bring this plan to the Mayor’s Bicycle advisory committee for their study and comments as it deserves careful collaboration when making changes. More bus service to the area would also reduce traffic. I recall UTA had to run special buses to the capital for the clean air rally because there was none!

  5. I am a new renter on Capitol Hill and my terrace faces 300 North. I think something HAS to be done about all the motorcycle noise. I hear them even when my windows are closed at 4 a.m. I also believe that a crosswalk needs to be installed at 300 North and Wall St. because crossing the street, as it is now, is extremely treacherous.

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