900 South Reconstruction

 I-15, 13th and 9th Off Ramp, Northbound Sunday, 10/10, construction crews will be closing one of two lanes from the 13th and 9th I-15 off ramp onto 900 South/800 South, Salt Lake City. Lane closures will take place between Sunday at 6 a.m., to 6 p.m. Two lanes will then be open on the exit ramp and through West Temple (900 to 800 South).West Temple and 900 SouthMonday, 10/11, traffic control and one lane closure will continue in the southbound corridor along the west side of West Temple between 800 south and 900 south. Shoulder and utility work in the 900 south/West Temple intersection will also continue. On-street parking will be available on the west side of West Temple near the 800 South and West Temple intersection. Central Ninth – South Side or Corridor (300 west to West Temple) Construction is still in progress, with the south corridor sidewalk closed. Please walk cautiously at intersections and along construction zones, and always keep a look out for TRAX. Temporary signage and pedestrian walkways have been built along 200 west 900 south to give pedestrians a pathway through construction, to active crosswalks, and to the sidewalk on the north side of the corridor. Construction will be ending for the year on 11/25/21, with the exception of utility work. Backfill, leveling of the corridor, temporary drainage system and the installation of a temporary road base will be integrated to keep access to businesses a priority through the holiday season. Construction will resume after 1/15/22, with sewer, curb & gutter and landscaping being the primary focus. Once completed, construction will then move to center median parking, and then to the north side of the corridor. 

For further questions related to Central Ninth construction, contact the Granite Construction Public Involvement Team at: 

Hotline: (844) 297-6884 

Email: info@central9thconstruction.com 

Project Website: 900SouthSLC.com 

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