City Creek Treatment Plant Construction Updates

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Ongoing Construction Activities:

Crews will continue to perform construction activities for the new permanent retaining wall at the water treatment plant parking lot.
Crews will continue mechanical and electrical modifications to the existing filter building.
Utility work will continue to take place across the construction site throughout December.
Removal of existing equipment and structures will continue at various locations throughout the construction site.
Construction equipment will continue to be transported throughout the canyon to prepare the construction site for upcoming activities.
Upcoming Construction Activities:

Crews will prepare to install underground conduit to support electrical utility needs for the water treatment plant.
Crews will prepare for structural modifications to the existing filter basin.

What to Expect: Canyon Access

Bonneville Blvd.

Roadway Access

Heavy construction traffic and delays

Construction traffic: Two-directional on west side of barrier with flaggers at either end to allow vehicles to pass safely​

Pedestrian & cyclist traffic: Two-directional on east side of barrier

Click below to learn more about roadway access on Bonneville Boulevard and City Creek Canyon Road

Click here to learn more

Trail Access

Follow posted signage

Stay on main trails at all times

All crossings onto City Creek Canyon Road will be closed above the guard house. Crossings below the guard house will remain open with breaks in the concrete barrier to allow for trail access.

Click here to learn more about Trail Access

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