Dean Anesi gave CHNC's David Scheer, and us all, a splendid interview and lively tour of his beautiful garden.

June 2020 Newsletter

Happy Summertime!

We’re warming up! 

Did you miss last month’s meeting via Zoom? 
We had updates, and a special garden presentation by Dean Anesi!

You can see the full meeting, or just the Dean Anesi Garden Tour, HERE, on Facebook.

June’s meeting is just around the corner, and more!

Next Council Meeting:

6:30 PM 
via Zoom (Zooming is FUN!) Details and invite and link, to come! 

June Special Guest:

Scott Christensen presents on

the History of Our Neighborhood!

Local historian Scott Christensen has done many presentations about the history of the Marmalade District. See his presentation about our area, at our next meeting!
Hint: His presentations are always fun and surprising! Don’t miss it!

The Kensington Apartments
June’s “This Old/House Apartment Building”

Sprawl. Suburbs. High-rise apartments. All these things seem like relatively new concepts to us in Salt Lake City, but this month’s building shows that they have been around a long time. The Kensington apartments at 180 North Main Street were just one of over 180 large apartment buildings that were constructed in Salt Lake City between 1900 and 1930. …
Read more about it, HERE.

Stay Safe, Stay Active Streets

Did you know:

200 West is a designated 
walking/biking path street?
(between 600 North and North Temple Street)

For a list of more streets, or to get more information, go, HERE.

Traffic Petitions

There’s a lot of traffic going on in our quaint, quiet, beautiful neighborhood!

And we’ve got some gnarley intersections—and traffic issues!

Whether you’re a biker, walk, scooterer, drive a car or truck, skateboard, skate, rollerblade or wear a rollerblading suit!—or fly a drone, helicopter, plane, or UFO overhead—you know about the traffic issues of our happy corner of the Universe….and you probably have an opinion, if not a suggestion.

We want your voice added to the discussion!

AND we have a traffic petition you may be interested in (hint: it concerns your neighborhood). Please chime (beep, toot) in!

Stay tuned for more info and opportunity for involvement!

How to join a Zoom Meeting
Learn how to Join a Zoom Meeting, here! Here’s a video that goes a bit more in depth. After watching these videos, if you want to practice or need help before our May meeting, just let us know by replying to this email.  

Please check out these sites for important info and resources, too:

See Salt Lake City updates,

See Salt Lake City Fire Department updates,

See Salt Lake City Police Department updates,

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