October 2, 2015 Weekly Update for Capitol Hill Road Construction

Please find below the weekly update for the Capitol Hill Upgrade road construction project.

Also, please note that the traffic signal at 500 North and Columbus will not be completed until November due to delays in material shipments.


Capitol Hill Update_October 2, 2015  

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  1. It is hard to believe that the street side parking has been eliminated for all but one of six home on the north side of 5th North from Desoto to Main Steet. It appears that UDOT caters to bikers and comuters but fails to consider the constant and daily needs of home owners. Shame on you. Most bikers and computers do not live in the area, but obviously residents do. Please consider remarking the street immediately. As the owner of the home at 31 East 5th North, please consider eliminating the third lane on the south side of the street and move the bike lane over. I was almost hit head on by a car driven by a driver who had no idea what lane he should have been driving in. The person or persons who decided how the driving lanes on this street would be marked could and should have visited with all home owners and listened to their concerns prior to approval of the marking. Did you take the time to notice that only two of the homes have driveways exiting onto 5th North, thus street side parking is essential for these people. Is it not more important to take care of the needs of homeowners who live in the city before considering the needs of the comuters who choose to live in cities to the north of Salt Lake? Please clear up the mess you have created.

    In addition why is there a double yellow line preventing drivers from turning left off of 5th North onto Desoto and Cortez Streets. How are residents going to get to their homes?

    Last, not a word was mentioned in your correspondence regarding the weeks of no parking on the west side of Desoto and the south side of Zane. Where did you expect the six working professionals living at 33 and 507 Desoto to park?

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